Cigar Smoke and How Dangerous It is Being Exposed to It

Environmental tobacco smoke is the name of all the second hand smoke that cigarettes and other tobacco products emit. This can mean cigarettes, cigars or other types of tobacco products, as long as they are lit and give out smoke. This second hand IGET Hot Flavours can include substances like carbon monoxide, nicotine, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide. These are all types of irritants that are emitted by cigarette and cigar smoke.

Another well known side-effect of environmental tobacco smoke is that they release carcinogen substances, such as nitrosamines, vinyl chlorine, arsenic, benzene and hydrocarbons. As you might expect, cigarettes emit less environmental tobacco smoke than cigars are, as they are smaller. Inhaling smoke from a cigar is more dangerous, as you might expect, since it emits more smoke than a normal cigarette will. While the environmental tobacco smoke that is released by cigarettes and cigars is just as toxic, some differences between the two still exist. These differences are created by the different methods of production that cigarettes have when compared with cigars.

Cigars are manufactured through an aging and fermentation process, which is long. During this long fermentation period, there are high numbers of carcinogens being produced. After a cigar goes through the aging and fermentation process, it’s put in a wrapper that is nonporous, which will make sure that the cigar doesn’t consume too fast when lit. Besides the carcinogens released during fermentation, the wrapper adds his own. When you light up a cigar, the wrapper contributes to the amount of carcinogens that will be released during the smoking process.

The length and girth of cigars is the second reason why they’re giving a bigger quantity of carcinogens. The reason is as simple as the size of cigars when compared to cigarettes. Since they’re bigger, they give out more smoke, which also has a bigger concentration of irritants and toxins. Another problem is that the way cigars are designed makes the smoking period much longer than it is with a regular cigarette, which is also recommended so people can enjoy the experience. The end result for cigars is that they take longer to finish, so more smoke is being created. Going in places where people smoke cigars shouldn’t be an option for non-smokers. Avoid taking in second hand smoke, and if you are a cigar smoker, make sure you do it in a place that is well ventilated.

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