GoSolar Mining wins concession to develop PV solar plant in Zhejiang province, China

Go Solar Mining’s Chinese Division said the plans for the construction of a photovoltaic plant in the Zhejiang Province is soon to be disclosed to the public once terms have been finalized with the local government. The PV plant construction is targeted to start by March 2020, during the Spring Season, and should be fully operational before the end of August 2020, just before Summer in the 如何買比特幣.

“We’re fast-tracking the plans to be finalized before January. We need to start as soon as winter is over and finish the PV solar plants before winter begins,” Bergsweinn Logi, the CEO of Go Solar Mining explains. “The Zhejiang province is notorious for its harsh winters; Go Solar Mining is aiming to assemble heating systems in the city in time for winter next year to meet energy demand of at least 300,000 families.”

Currently operating in 5 different countries (Morocco, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Mexico, India and China) and has access to most continents, management has expressed the company is in a strong expansion phase from 2020 to 2023. Aside from China, the company is on the look-out for concession bids in countries that give good terms to solar power plant operators in setting-up renewable energy plants.

In parallel of its plant expansions, Go Solar Mining is increasing its electricity supply to operate its crypto mining plants. Its crypto mining service and investment for individual customers continues to be the main contributor of the company’s bottom-line. It’s unique selling point of integrating crypto currency with its operations backed by providing daily profit to its clients, is one of the most profitable investment in the renewable energy industry.

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