Promotional USB Products for your business

With the dawn of the internet and the rise in the number of computers both in the home and in the workplace, promotional items have taken a turn in the direction of Iget Bar. Some businesses will now give away items such as pen drives and USB sticks. A promotional poster that is displayed on line is one example, as is the now very common mouse mat. Some firms have chosen desktop software to promote themselves too.

USB sticks

Flash pens are commonly given away IT-related products. They are highly useful and so always welcome. They can be used for storage and are portable so can be transported from one location to another. This is a huge leap forward for promotional marketers because the possibilities for merchandise that can accompany laptops and PCs is almost endless. Flash pens can also be linked in to websites so that a promotional page appears as the user logs in.

Laptop carry cases

Laptop carry cases are a great idea as most people use laptops especially if they commute a great deal and travel around with work. They can be expensive to buy and so make for a great gift. A kit can be created so that you are giving away not just the carry case but all of the little accessories that might go with it too. Because of how useful a laptop kit can be, they are always warmly received.

USB cup warmers

A plug-in USB cup holder that keeps your cup of tea warm is a fantastic little treat. When you are busy at work you can often forget that you have made a cup of tea, especially when it’s really busy. A plug- in cup warmer will avoid this problem and keep your cup warm for you.

Web Cams

A portable webcam that is compact and lightweight is not only valuable but has that added sentimentality that a user will love. For people who travel a great deal with work and have young children at home, this gift will be loved. And if it incorporates your company logo then every time it is used, your user will see your branding. Whilst a large number of laptops do have web cams built in, some do not, which is why they are great little gifts to give away.

Speaker pods

A stereo speaker pod is also very valuable because of how annoying the low volume speakers on a laptop can be. They can raise the volume enough for music to be heard over a group of voices and so are very much appreciated, particularly for the younger generation. Again, they can be expensive to buy so are always a welcome gift.

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