Scams That are Commonly Seen on eBay

Entering the eBay selling world is something you do not only with ambition –Report Scam and get your money back but with caution as well. Fraud on eBay is as common as bully’s stealing kids lunch money at school. In this article, I will tell you exactly how to spot two specific different types of eBay fraud because being on the wrong end of a $3,000 eBay rip off can really ruin your day.

Rule number 1 for eBay scams: Do not believe anything that anyone says that claims to be from the country Nigeria! If someone says they are from Nigeria or asks you to ship something out to Nigeria, 99% of time it is an eBay scam. Things to look out for when dealing with these kinds of eBay scams include:

The eBay fraud will usually make up a long elaborated story on why you should ship this out to Nigeria as fast as possible. For example, the first Nigerian eBay scam artist that I encountered asked me to ship out a play station 2 a.s.a.p. because it was his grandfathers birthday. He even asked me if I would be kind enough to go out and buy his grandfather a birthday card and include it with the gift! Long elaborate stories are usually the first thing these eBay scam artists will include in their eBay email to you

The next thing the eBay fraud will do is throw a ridiculous price that they are willing to pay out there for you. They will ask you to just stop that auction and tell you that if you do, they will pay you a considerable amount of money for your product. $400 dollars for your play station 2 may seem nice, but as always if something is too good to be true, it usually is.

Usually the eBay fraud will send you an email promising to pay you once you have already shipped the item out, and then of course never following through Usually the eBay fraud will ask you to ship out the item as fast as possible for some odd reason, but then they are still “willing” to pay the same amount if it takes you longer to ship the item out.

Why do these type of eBay scams exist? These eBay frauds want your product for free so they can go and sell it and make a huge profit off of it. A rule of thumb for eBay selling is to make sure the money is in your PayPal account before shipping anything out unless you are 100% sure that you will be receiving the money.

Rule number 2 for eBay scams: Do not fill out any personal information for your eBay account from an email sent to you that is not through your “My Messages” section on your “My eBay” page. EBay will NEVER send you an email through any other email account other than the “My Messages” account on your eBay account that asks you to fill out a personal information page. These eBay scams come in the form of spoof emails.

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