Surely We Can Create a Secure and Stylish Medicine Cabinet

We are a society that put a man on the moon сиалис цена украина and produced runless panty hose. Surely we can also produce medicine cabinets that are both stylish and secure. Many homes still like a medicine cabinet above the vanity. There are many styles to choose from. They come in large and small sizes, some framed and some frameless. Many medicine cabinets are large enough to span the entire vanity area adding both light and visual space in the bathroom.

Medicine chests hold a wide variety of items in most homes including cosmetics, lotions, creams, shaving gear, hair dryers and curling irons, first aid supplies and medicines that are toxic if taken in the wrong amounts or by the wrong person. We have medicine cabinets with mirrors on mirrors. Some medicine cabinets have outlets right in the medicine cabinet for plugging in grooming aids.

There are also medicine cabinets with defogging devices so that the mirror is useable right after a shower without having to wipe the mirror or wait until it clears. But where is the security? A good segment of the population have young children who could either become ill or worse yet die if they should take some medications.

How difficult would it be to produce a medicine cabinet in all the popular styling that people want that also includes an area inside that can be kept secure? And why has not the home improvement industry pushed for this?

There are locks that can be bought to secure medicine cabinets, and there are special medicine cabinets, usually small and unattractive just for keeping medicines in. But there are no medicine cabinets in the popular styles and with an appearance that you would want to mount over a vanity that offer security.

Since the industry can provide what consumers want such as extra mirrors, large capacity medicine cabinets that will house items as large as hair dryers, outlets in the medicine cabinet itself, or defogging devices, why can they not produce medicine cabinets that house a secure area for medicines that could prove toxic in the wrong hands.

And further, why can they not produce these in all the popular styles and finishes that the modern discerning consumer wants in their bathroom?Why should a homeowner have to add a lock to keep medicines secure?

A medicine cabinet with a secure area should be created to look like any of the other stylish and attractive models in a variety of finishes and styles that a homeowner would be proud to display above the vanity. It is my hope that enough consumers will make their voices heard, that the industry will finally address this important need and begin to make medicine cabinets to fulfill this need.

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