The Penalties for Possession of Cocaine

The penalties for possession of buy cocaine online vary greatly on the amount the person is carrying, where the person is carrying it and whether he or she is under the influence of the cocaine. Simple possession differs from possession with the intent to sell or distribute in that individuals in simple possession and intent to give or sell cocaine to others.

The penalties for possession of cocaine on average are for persons carrying less than 25 g of cocaine is 14 months in jail. However the average sentence for the possession of less than 25 g of crack cocaine is 65 months. Crack cocaine is the only drug carrying a mandatory sentence of offence.

Sentences for first time offenders tend to be slightly more lenient than sentences for repeat offenders is of course varies from court to court. A lot of courts have diversion programs for first time offenders. Sometimes due to the lenient nature of the court regarding first time offenders, individuals may avoid some jail time. The penalties for possession of cocaine for first time offenders, usually results in a diversion program.

In conclusion if you have been charged with simple possession of cocaine you should consult with a criminal defence lawyer. You should also just whether a drug diversion program is the best choice to make. Many drug courts will put you on a drug counselling course and perhaps put you on probation for a period of time determined by the thought. As stated above the penalties for possession of cocaine varies greatly.

Cocaine in any form is a class A Drug. It is illegal to produce supply or possess it. In the United Kingdom, cocaine and crack are considered class A drugs under 1971 misuse of drugs act. Possession The of The the drugs can result in a fine and a prison term of up to 7 years. Supplying, or selling, either form of cocaine can lead to a lifetime prison sentence.

Under the U.S controlled substance act 1970 cocaine is schedule II drug. This means that cocaine have the potential for abuse and the abuse may lead to severe physical and psychological dependence. It also means that cocaine have accepted medical uses the severe restrictions. The only legal use of the game in the United States is as a local aesthetic.

There are still under federal warnings about the sale and distribution of possession of illegal drugs. Crack, poor man’s cocaine, the only illegal drug that has a mandatory five years minimum jail sentence. Most states impose heavy penalties on those in such an even minute amounts of cocaine. These are the consequences of being in possession of cocaine.

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