Different Types of Traps to Kill Rats

Mice can be selten those that you normally see in pet shops. These caged mice are already domesticated and may not give the home owner some headache. But mice that are at large can be destructive and will do anything just to get food for them selves and their colony. When infestations happen, you will no longer find the situation cute at all. This is why many homeowners would find all sorts just to know how to kill rats. The most conventional way of killing rats is through the use of traps. There are actually different types of rat traps that can help in eliminating infestation from homes. Home owners just simply need to choose which trap to make use of for their rat problems. Here are some of the most effective and useful rat traps available today.

• Snap Trap – this has been the oldest method in the book used to kill rats. You can even see this in old films and even cartoon flicks. This works by trapping the mouse or rat on its snapping claw. To get the rat near the trap, you will need to put on bait. Once the rat gets near it, the heavy steel bar will trap the rat and will have no way of escaping it. But you should be careful as you might hurt yourself as you set it up.

• Live Trap – this also works like the snap trap but the only difference is that the rat will not get killed or hurt. In case, you have caught one, you can simply set it free outside your home or somewhere far from your property. This will also make use of bait to attract the rat to get near it.

• Adhesive Trap – this is one of the safest ways to trap a rat as it does not have any chemicals in it. This is in the form of a pad which sticky glue on it. You can have bait settled on the middle of the pad. Once the rat gets attracted to it, it will definitely get near it. Stepping on the adhesive pad will get the rat trapped and stuck. You can simply dispose the pad once it has caught a rat or mouse. Setting this up in places where you normally see rats will surely give you a favorable result. This is also very affordable. You can buy several pads and make use of it anytime the need arises.

• Electric Powered Trap – this type of trap works by killing rats with electricity. This is a quick and effective way to use if you want to have those rats killed. With electric shock, rats will be killed in an instant. You can set this up in places that are normally visited by rats.

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