What to Do When You Get a Negative Review Online

If you get a negative Comprar avaliações Google for your business or service the tendency is to feel that you’ve been attacked personally; especially, if you’re not used to dealing with negative feedback. The reality is every business or service is just one day away from a negative online review because not every well ran business is perfect. People get upset for any number of silly reasons & before you know it, your business or service gets a damaging review online.

The tendency is to get angry and respond attacking the poster but that will only harm your business or service. Remember you are really responding for all the folks that come along after words so you want to be seen as caring professional.

Step 2: Consider the review as constructive feedback

Really read the review & think about what the real complaint is. Historically upset consumers just let their feet do the walking & you as a business owner would never know why they never came back. A negative review can highlight a problem with one of your processes or one of your staff. So look for the silver lining & a chance to improve your business for the next customer.

Step 3: Respond to the bad review in a professional manner

Consider the review as a small naughty child that is angry with you. You love the child & you want the child to understand that you are ultimately there to help them. So get eye level & explain that your sorry for upsetting them & that you want to help. So when they are angry they should call you so that you can try and make them happy.

Step 4: Actively seek out positive reviews to push the negative review off page one of Google or Yelp etc.

Set up a simple process that allows you to actively collect four star & five star reviews constantly will little or not much effort. It’s can also be a great opportunity to give coupons & discounts to keep all your customers coming back.

Note: This is not a bribe everyone who enters the process gets your coupons, discounts or exposed to your education marketing. While they are getting their discount they get an opportunity to offer your business some feedback.

Step 5: Set up an early warning system so you know when bad reviews appear on the web

You want to set up a monitoring system so that if a negative review is posted you can be aware of it as soon as it is indexed in the search engines. This will allow you to respond and put positive reviews on that particular review website to push the negative one down & off page one.

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